Alton Special Edition


Alton is celebrating this incredible achievement by bottling a 10 years old rarity.

No where else, only at Alton.


The ambitions have gone beyond the simple idea of making and selling whiskey. The goal of our distiller was to be a creative revolutionary to the industry dictate. We pursue the bigger purpose to create the most thought-provoking spirits we can. We set course to be pioneer, provocateurs and change makers. As we continue this path, we discover our mission, ensuring we use our business as a force for good.

The Revolutionary

Red Spruce Violin

Engaging dry earth mingled with caramel and cocoa bean after the pour, in a moment the nose is awash in cereal grain, toasted marshmallow

Gently succulently sweet, earthy, intensely grainy, and rich of vanilla before the explosion of spice with notes of rich fruit, lingering orange and oak

Complex and long. Wood and warm spices combine with dark chocolate and orange with memories of a summer thunderstorm.

ABV 50%